Building Resilience Webinar Series

Building Resilience webinar series

Albert Einstein said that “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. That sentiment was brought to bear many times in 2020 and for ourselves in Big Top Multimedia, one of the projects that illustrated this most was the development of the Building Resilience Webinar series with our long time client Chartered Accountants Worldwide in partnership with One Young World.

Had the challenge been to rapidly grow the reach and engagement from events with 100+ people from 5-6 countries to global events with over 3000+ live viewers from over 80 countries it may have seemed more daunting but that was exactly the result of this particular pivot.

The series developed for the back the FinBiz2030 initiative that we had helped these organisations launch at an event in London in 2019. Our collective intention in 2020 was to expand this initiative into other continents by way of in-person events. Quickly it became apparent that 2020 had other plans so we worked with our clients as well as new found partners BeThere productions in South Africa to develop what would be a highly engaged and successful series.

Building Resilience was the perfect theme for the events with topics ranging from mental health and wellbeing through diversity and opportunity to leadership purpose and ethics. Five webinars were broadcast and remain available on-demand on the Chartered Accountants Worldwide website with a collective viewership of 18,000 and 2million reach on twitter.

So what exactly did we bring to the table? Initially we developed the visual style that would be the over arching identity for all the webinars. Planning for each webinar started by choosing the host country, (England, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland and finally Indonesia) and we started by working with our partners to develop the theme title and imagery for each event. Our choice of image would become the basis of the social media campaign as well as the opening credits for each event and provide the backdrop for the event itself. All social media assets and most pre-recorded webinar content was created and edited by our team here in Dublin. We also provided the hosting platform for the webinar itself as well as the registration functionality and designed all the creative assets for promotion. BeThere productions managed the livestream itself and with their background in traditional TV added a level of sheen that was beyond client expectations. As the hosting duties fell to local Chartered Accountants, BeThere were also on hand with their experience to coach each host and ensure a consistency across all the different local country teams.

When Ireland got it’s opportunity to host the event with Chartered Accountants Ireland, we were able to use our studio to host the event. We built a set and were able to have the hosts in house, socially distant of course, which helped with on camera chemistry and general banter.

The results are a testament to the power of a strong collaboration with the client Chartered Accountants Worldwide, One Young World and partners BeThere Productions with whom we have built a strong working relationship. It is surprising what good can come from difficult situations.