The Riptide Movement

The Riptide Movement, Top in Germany

Big Top Multimedia worked with Irish band The Riptide Movement to provide artwork and social media content for the promotion of their album ‘Ghosts’ in Germany. The promotion lasted for the album launch itself as well as two runs of tour dates around the country.

Over the course of the campaign Big Top created included Instagram stories, Facebook videos, Metro video adverts as well as posters and bus stop billboards to promote the concerts and album as well as to raise the band’s profile in Germany.

The Riptide Movement

The Riptide Movement are 4 lifelong friends whose success has grown off the back of critically acclaimed releases “All Works Out”, “Elephant in the Room” and “Changeling” and they’ve toured extensively throughout the world.  Touring is the way they connect with their audiences and their live shows are legendary – perhaps their most defining quality:

“Playing live is everything to us, no matter what the gig, venue or audience we’re playing to – we give it our all, we play like it’s the last time we’ll ever play. The buzz from playing live is better than any drug, it’s what keeps us going.” Mal, The Riptide Movement.

There is an authenticity in everything The Riptide Movement do. It permeates their sound and defines their approach. Mal, J.P., Gerry and Gary are all dreamers with a plan, on the journey of a lifetime – why not come along.