It’s Literally Brain Surgery

Big Top Multimdeia have created a website for the Neonatal Brain Cosortium Ireland in conjunction with the HRB Neonatal Encephalopathy PhD Training Network (NEPTuNE). The design of the new website is fully responsive to the users requirements which ensures that it adapts and functions intuitively on all devices, including mobile. Big Top Multimedia are also currently developing two eLearning modules on Neonatal care for students.

The NEPTuNE programme which launched in October 2018 is a major collaborative structured PhD research programme led by Professor Eleanor Molloy (Consultant Neonatologist, Chair and Professor of Paediatrics, TCD and Tallaght Hospital) and co-lead Professor Geraldine Boylan (Professor of Neonatal Physiology and Director of the INFANT Research Centre, UCC).

The programme is a student-centred qualification designed to enhance, improve and directly engage the student in the relevant research skills. Students will have a holistic overview involving the entire translational research paradigm from basic science research, translational clinical research and clinical trials to epidemology and population health, while getting in-depth expertise in their chosen areas. The website includes a PhD Projects section which provides information on the doctoral training programmes available at premier research centres in Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork and NUI Galway. The programme supports full time PhD’s, incorporating innovative research projects and career development for five doctor trainees in patient-focused research.

Visit the NEPTuNE website at nbci.ie