zero bs crm

WordPress CRM with Zero BS

If you are a startup or small to medium sized company and are looking for a CRM system, the choices can be more than a bit daunting and leave you with a hefty bill to pay.

WordPress has a new CRM plugin, created by Mike Stott and Woody Hayday, called Zero BS CRM, which is easy to use and much more cost effective that the likes of Salesforce.

One of the main benefits of Zero BS CRM, as Stott puts it, is that “it sits in your WP admin dashboard, and you own your own data.”

Version 3.0 of the plugin has been improved in a number of key areas. The switch to custom database tables rather than restricting everything into a custom post type is a major change and this should allow an increase in the speed you can access data i.e. contacts and transactions in large databases. The UI has been vastly improved from the previous versions and is much more consistent while not strictly following the core WordPress admin UI.

The plugin features another big change in building out a more extendable foundation. This will help to open up custom CRM objects in the future, i.e. “users could manage resources such as “properties” or “campuses” along with customer contact data,” meaning the update creates more potential for industry-specific extensions.

Overall, Zero BS CRM seems likely to be a good fit for smaller businesses or businesses who are just starting out. Find out more here.