TravPal – Creating local heroes

Launched in winter 2014, the app is designed to connect travellers with local people, local services, and local events. TravPal is currently available for iOS in the app store.  TravPal is a mobile app that connects travellers with each other, with small, independent and family-owned tourism businesses and local guides, and with local people themselves — who we call Local Heroes – all based on your interests and location and in real time, when travelling with your mobile device.

The project entailed the design and development of the app from the ground up, including front end design, and backend system development. The project required us to create a bespoke content management solution for the app that would allow the client to prominently feature listings of businesses that he had recruited within the app but would, at the same time, automatically call supplemental content into the app from Facebook and Google. The result is an app that shows bespoke content for areas where the client has recruited members, but still shows open source content for areas of the country where no members have yet been recruited.

We also created an accompanying promotional website for the app – The website is a WordPress powered site that is fully responsive and features syndicated blog content from other blogs.

The project demonstrates our ability to develop a large scale app, delivering innovative technical solutions for our client. It also illustrates our ability to acquire and manipulate content from external sources and display that content in an app, and in a website.