Discover Ireland App puts Ireland in your pocket!

It’s Ireland in your pocket! Now with just the tap of a screen, you can see what’s going on all over Ireland. Whether tourist or local, you’ll love the Discover Ireland app which gives you up-to-date useful info on what’s happening, where to stay and more, no matter where you are.

Discover Ireland App

The app was developed by Big Top Multimedia in conjunction with GeoGuides Ltd and Arekibo Ltd. Big Top Multimedia were responsible for the development of the back-end solution for the app.

The project entailed the building of a complex middle-ware layer named ‘DISPA’. The project required a system that could interrogate the Failte Ireland database of tourism businesses and events in Ireland, and deliver content updates to app users.

The DISPA system would create a snapshot of all the tourism information in the Failte Ireland TCS database each night. Then each day, when app users click the update button on their app, the system would automatically deliver to them an update of their app data that was specific to their needs. Users who updated their app yesterday would get a different update from those who updated last week.

The system allowed the development of a smartphone app that could contain all the tourism data for the whole Island, but could run on the users phone even if he was off-line. The data sync feature meant that the user could update the content on their app at any time when in a WiFi zone.