Less Stress Leads to More Success for UCD

Big Top Multimedia were tasked with creating a stress module for University College Dublin (UCD) which would highlight the causes of stress and coping mechanisms that can be used to combat it.

Big Top Multimedia worked with UCD in formulating a script and finding locations to film each section. The main aims of the module were to:

  • Recognise stress and how it affects the human body.
  • Recognise actions and behaviours under stress and,
  • Look at managing stress to improve performance and well-being.

Two case studies were written around ‘Anna’ and ‘Peter’ who suffer with stress in their day to day lives. This stress affects all aspects of their lives and they need to make a change – the module shows you how stress affects them and how they try to relieve it.

The module was filmed over a few days and all post production was completed by Big Top Multimedia.

Click here to see the module and learn more about how to deal with stress.