Engineering a New Site for ENAEE

Big Top Multimedia met with the European National Accrediatation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) and formulated a plan for a new website which also allowed for a members website.

The ENAEE promotes quality engineering education so that engineering graduates are fully equipped to tackle the demands of modern day engineering projects.

It does this by authorising accreditation and quality assurance agencies to award the EUR-ACE® label to accredited engineering degree programmes. ENAEE aims to;

  • Enhance the quality of the education of engineering graduates and
  • Support their ability to fulfil the needs of economies and of society.

The new website is fully interactive with the user able to find out more about ENAEE as well as Engineering Standing Observatory for the Profession and Education (ESOEPE). Along with being able to access documents and news and events, you can learn about the founder members of ESOEPE, the structure of ENAEE, its statutes and by-laws and its member organisations.

The members section gives non members all the relevant information regarding becoming a member and costs included, with the login section for exisiting members providing a secure area which allows members share ideas, collaborate in group discussions and keep up to date with all activities in the world of Engineering.