Big Top Reaches Youth Of Ireland

In April 2018 ahead of the historical abortion referendum in Ireland, the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) employed Big Top Media Management to create a call to action infographic video asking people to register to vote.

This was the first time Big Top Multimedia created an infographic video as opposed to a live action video for a client. As the NYCI is the representative for voluntary youth organisations in Ireland, they were looking for something that would grab the attention of young people and urge them to vote. Infographics are more eye catching to the viewer than printed words and the striking images, colour, movement and content naturally draw the eye. Infographics can also serve to simplify a complex task or issue, which in this case may have been daunting to those that had not previously registered to vote.

In a RedC poll conducted for the NYCI in 2017 it was found that 22% of 18-29 year olds wanted to vote but were not registered or were unaware they neeeded to register.  This in turn could lead to a possible 151,000 young people losing their chance to vote.

About NYCI

The NYCI’s role is to empower young people to develop their knowledge skills and confidence, allowing them to realise their potential to fully and actively participate in a society that values and respects them.


NYCI’s role is recognised in legislation through the Youth Work Act 2001 and is a Social Partner in the Community and Voluntary Pillar.

Big Top Multimedia set out to provide a clear simple message through the infographic video:

  • Are you 18 or more by May 25th 2018;
  • Are you registered to vote;
  • If you’re not on the register, how to get on it;
  • Provide more information with a link to NYCI website.

NYCI aim to empower the youth of Ireland by:

  • Representing the shared interests of voluntary youth organisations;
  • Adovcating on issues that impact on the lives of young people;
  • Promoting the development of evidence informed high quality specialist youth work practice;
  • Capacity building and professional development.